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The most amazing photo shoot

Photo albums in kindergartens is a difficult topic, if not sick. Each garden has its own photographer who has been working with the garden for more than a year, regularly shares with the director, for which he has permission to come, take staged (often terribly tasteless) photos, sometimes even nightmare the children, and then all this is imposed on parents in voluntarily forced, and parents buy photos. Photos in which a bright album page is needed to hide the poor quality of the photos themselves. They buy it because they don’t want these pictures to be thrown into the trash.

It happens to me a little differently – my parents bring me to the kindergarten, where I play all day with
the children who feed the camera with an apple, play hide and seek with him, fly, walk along a narrow bridge through the lava, compete who will find the number faster or the letter, “kittens are taken out” from the “tree”, hung on me and hugged, and demand that I definitely come to them again – PLAY!

This photoshoot is called “One Day in Kindergarten.” I told more about it on a separate page.

And as a result of such a wonderful and eventful day, each child gets such a photo album. And no staging, only real, lively emotions!

Kindergarten graduate photo album

First, I get to know children at a portrait photo shoot, inviting them in small groups of 2-4 people and playing different games. The difference between them and ordinary games is that the children are glued to the high chair with booty 🙂
Children participate in the photo shoot in the form in which the parents passed them to the group. I do not comb my children and do not shag! Some parents like neatly sleek children, others like shaggy ones. I will comb the child, and upon delivery of the albums it turns out that his parents specially shagged him for an hour and a half 🙂

By the way, sticking a booty is also a game. Children really “smear the butt with glue” and sit without jumping from a chair. During the acquaintance and shooting, I find a common language with the children and get acquainted, but such glorious portraits are obtained by themselves.

Photographer in the kindergarten of St. Petersburg

Portrait U-Turn Cover
For this shoot, I use a white background, which I bring with me, and three flashes. Only one flash shines on the child’s front, its light is not very powerful, it is scattered by the umbrella and shines from the side, which makes it possible to achieve complete safety for the child’s vision, and none of the children experience discomfort from the outbreaks. Additional flashes highlight the background and hair of the child.

Then the children move to the group, and there I continue to play with them – we build houses from the designer, play doctors and the store, draw, build towers from cubes, and at the same time, these are cool photos:

Children’s game photography in St. Petersburg
Game U-Turn Photo Album
Almost all kindergartens in St. Petersburg have everything you need for a great photo shoot – paper, pencils and paints, hand toys, “doctor” tools, a large designer, pyramids … Using all these magnificent objects, you can take great pictures. And no additional decorations in Photoshop are needed!

Then we go to physical education, which I spend myself. Sometimes, when there are a lot of children, I may need the help of a teacher (for example, keep a “turn”). All children take turns jumping over a rope, jumping on a trampoline or balls, crawling through an improvised tunnel, walking along the “bridge” above the “lava”, playing with a “parachute”, crawling along the bench, playing hot potatoes. Everything goes very dynamically, and during the game, each child gets up to 20 live photos.

Game photos in kindergarten
Physical education in kindergarten – one of the favorite activities of children
Since little light often gets through the windows in kindergartens of St. Petersburg, I always use several flashes that shine at low power on the ceiling of the room, filling it with even lighting and not blind children.

After physical education, we calm down by doing breathing exercises and competing in mindfulness games, and go to dinner. Here we also play a little – feed the camera, look with our eyes for a bug or a hare, and then we go to sleep. Thus ends the most amazing children’s photo shoot – one day in kindergarten.

Children’s game photo session in kindergarten
Lunch, study and sleep are an important part of the process.
I take photographs on the street if there are interesting views around, or if the season is favorable – there are a lot of lush greenery or white snow around. Otherwise, I recommend the organizers of the photo shoot to abandon the walk in favor of physical education and playing in a group. For kindergartens in St. Petersburg (with rare exceptions), this recommendation always works.

As a result, children, parents, and even directors of kindergartens are satisfied – because they receive all the photos in electronic form, and can perfectly arrange their stands and reports. And immediately agree on the next year.

The most amazing photo shoot
Photo albums in kindergartens is a difficult topic, if not sick. Each garden has its own photographer who has been working with the garden for more than a year, regularly…


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